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Create electrical wiring diagrams and more

WinRelais is a software for designing single-wire, multi-wire, architectural and developed electrical diagrams for building and industry. It can also be used to draw pneumatic, hydraulic, PID, control loop, refrigeration, grafcets and more diagrams.

• Limits : 3000 sheets, 2 million symbols. 
• Cross-references management. 
• Schematics export in DXF, DWG, PDF, WMF, EMF, PNG. 
• Automatic or manual terminal block generation. 
• Automatic or manual cable schedule generation. 
• Export marker and label lists in CSV format. 
• Automatic or manual diagram numbering. 
• Cross-referenced sheet entries and ports. 
• More than 4000 symbols provided (ISO, NEMA, ...) 
• Free update of symbol librairies 
• New symbol creation included. 
• Product database management 
• Installation plans for electrical enclosures 
• Interface 100% customizable (menus & toolbars). 
• Cancellation of all operations (15 levels). 
• Unconstrained creative freedom. 
• Print-outs to scale 1 or adapted, in B&W or in color. 
• Displacement, delete and block copy functions. 
• Cut / Copy / Paste one part of a schematic to another 
• Standalone software that does not require any other software. 
• ...

Bornier à étages
Design of schematics and layout plans for electrical cabinets
  • Drawing to scale of cabinet plans and cabinet fronts.
  • Dimensioning.
  • More than 5800 cabinet views (ABB, Beckoff, Eaton, Finder, Hager, Legrand, Omron, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, Siemens, ...)
  • Cable object with cable database.
  • Generation of multi-level terminal blocks (from 1 to 4 levels).
  • Complete overview of the schematic after generation of terminal strips, bills of material, folio list, cable book and I/O list.
  • WinRelaisProjet for merging schematics and cabinet drawings.

WinRelais Expert
The most advanced version of WinRelais

WinRelais EXPERT increases your productivity with : 
  • All the features of the PREMIUM version.
  • The graphical recovery of complete drawings by importing DXF and DWG format sheets from other software, which can be directly modified in WinRelais without having to redraw them. Moreover, the WinSymbol editor allows you to extract a symbol from a DXF or DWG file very easily by graphic capture and to save it in the symbol library.  
  • Import / export of tables in ExcelTM and Libre Office formats. 
  • The saving of drawings in UNICODE format allowing the use of special foreign characters (examples: Russian, Chinese, ...).
  • The possibility to dynamically link data from a table (ExcelTM , Libre Office, ...) to symbol fields or text fields by simply using the coordinates of the table cells. 
  • The automation of programmed tasks using a macro-language allowing the automatic generation of schemas from schema models with data recovery from a table (ExcelTM , Libre Office, ...).
SIMULATION in addition ... 

WinRelais STUDIO, available in PREMIUM and EXPERT versions, integrates a SIMULATOR which allows, using a library of more than 500 simulating symbols IEC and NEMA, to test and validate your electrical, pneumatic and automation circuits.
  • All the features of WinRelais PREMIUM or EXPERT are available
  • Taking into account the electrical parameters of the components. 
  • Interaction with the control devices. 
  • Short circuit test. 
  • Display of current, voltage and power  measurements
  • Animation of electrical symbols and conductors. 
  • Animation of synoptic views. 
  • Simulation of ATV type variable speed drive. 
  • Simulation of objects with physical motor. 
  • Drawing of curves and chronograms. 
  • MODBUS/TCP IP communication interface with manufacturer software (EcoStruxure, Unity PRO, Codesys). 
  • ZOOM with image displacement on the screen 
  • Full screen display 
  • Simulation of 32 folios
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