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WinRelay V2.2

Electrical CAD software



• Basic library of approximately 2800 electro-technical symbols (motors, contactors, circuit breakers...).

• Library extensions : automotive, pneumatic, and hydraulic...

• Electronic library : 6000 electronic symbols (circuits CMOS, TTL, ampli...).

WinSymbol program

• Within WinRelay™, allows you to create your own symbol library (1 symbol = 1 file).

• DXF format import with WinSymbol.

Models, title blocks and reference frames

• Each sheet has its own layout, reference frame, and title block.

• Schematic model creation.

• Title blocks are customizable and editable.

• Reference frames : by default or customized.

• Picture insert (BMP, JPG or PNG) in title blocks or schematics.

Cross Referencing

• Definition of master / slave links in WinRelay™ or during symbol conception.

• Multi-contact symbol management.

• Automatic reference settings possible.


• Manual or automatic diagram numbering. 

• Preset or customized numbering setup (e.g. %I1.0, %I1.1, %I1.2...).


• Symbol nomenclature: customized table (n° of columns, content...) to be placed on the sheets.

• Automatic generation, then manual editing possible.

• Data call-up from the product database.


• Product database managed by WinRelayBase.

• Data can be integrated into the nomenclature.

• Format MS Access (MDB) and server MS SQL.

• New products can be added

• Manufacture databases included (Siemens, Wago, etc )

Terminal Blocks

• Automatic or manual terminal block generation.

• Sorting by destination.

• Full or semi-automatic renumbering of terminal blocks.

• Later manual editing/modification possible.

• Automatic increment of terminal block numbers.

• Terminal block size modification.

WinCabinet :

• Enhanced with the new WinCabinet program that enables installation plans for small and large electrical enclosures.

• Support material definition (Telequick, perforated steel, etc).

• DIN rails and trunking dimensioning and placement.

• New libraries of more than 3500 views for cabinets.

Cable List

• Cable symbol can be placed.

• Data call-up from the product database.

• Generation and/or export of CSV from cable list.

Automatic generation using diagrams

• From the wire number list.

• From the nomenclature.

• From the cable list.

• From the terminal blocks.

• From the sheets list.

Import / Export

• Cut / Copy to a word processor, for easy document production.

• Export using DXF, PDF, EMF and WMF formats.

• Export marker and label lists in CSV format

• Import CSV, export CSV and MDB from tables (nomenclatures, lists)

• Image import in BMP, JPG or PNG formats. 

• Drawing import in DXF format in WinSymbol.

• Print-outs of diagrams and schematics.

Other Features

• Work grid with adjustable spacing from 0.5 mm to 4 mm.

• Printout formats: A4, A3 or customized.

• Electrical links for conductors between sheets (cross-referencing).

• Preview of symbol before placement. Symbol size may be reduced by half.

• 30 predefined types of wires & cables. Several conductors may be placed simultaneously.

• Customized conductors, bicolor...

• Unlimited Zoom level - Automatic Zoom -  previous views return: 4.

• Drawing functions: rectangles, rounded rectangles, lines, functions, voltage, current, text.

• Modifiable drawing lines : color, thickness and style.

• Symbol palette : Rapid symbol management - Modify / Copy / Delete.

• Image insert (BMP, JPG, PNG) from texts, text zones and tables.

• Note insert (Annotation).

• Link manager.